19 Jan 2008, 12:50

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Le premier grand switch de 2008

Le premier grand switch d’une grande entreprise vers les solutions SaaS de Google va être annoncé dans les prochains jours.

Cela va donner le top départ d’une accélération dans l’exode des données et des services du système d’information legacy vers le coud computing et le SaaS.
Google avait choisi la France pour lancer son offre à destination des entreprises il y a un an, ce n’était pas un hasard : il y a une maturité des grandes entreprises françaises sur ce sujet qui est surprenante.

[…] It seems that Google for the Enterprise, Year 0, will be this year. As posted by Christan Fauré on his blog , the first Press Release presenting a shift from a large corporation to Google Apps could occur in the coming weeks. If Google Apps is not yet ready for a any large corporation (because of MS Word legacy, poor Google Spreadsheet features…), this PR will demonstrate that Google Apps is not dedicated to Small and Medium Business. I do not know what company Christian is thinking about, and since Christian is not working in the same company as I am, I bet we do not think about the same companies. So we can wait for several announces. As many of you, I was first skeptical about SaaS, especially with Google Apps. Salesforce.com dominance is obvious, given the level of features and possible inetgration with corporate IT. For Google, I thought it was just targeted to SME market. After a quick look and some explanations form my beloved CTOs or my friend François, it obvious that Google has many of the items a large corporation is looking for. You think that Google Apps has no SSO? Look at this. SAML based SSO. Many more example will come. Yes. This is for sure. Google Apps Year 0 will be 2008. Sphere: Related Content […]


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